Best Bonus Buy Slots – December 2020

A few years ago, it seemed like wishful thinking to be able to buy slot bonuses, but a fascinating idea if it could happen. In 2017, Big Time Gaming made this wishful thinking a reality with the slot release of White Rabbit which revolutionised the gambling industry.

Best Bonus Buy Slots December 2020

Best Bonus Buy: If you like to mostly consider bonus features when making selections on which slot to play, or you often get excited about having the bonus activated only to be disappointed sometimes because it never does, then this article is just for you. We have compiled several of our favorite slots in which you’re able to instantly activate bonuses after buying them.

A few years ago, it seemed like wishful thinking to be able to buy slot bonuses, but a fascinating idea if it could happen. In 2017, Big Time Gaming made this wishful thinking a reality with the slot release of White Rabbit which revolutionised the gambling industry. From the introduction of this slot, players could take advantage of the bonus feature by paying a modest fee.

These days, you can activate bonuses instantly in all kinds of slots. Irrespective of the online casino platform you use, you will definitely find a number of these bonus buy, or as they are commonly called, feature buy slots. The setup is pretty basic. Just pay a lump amount and immediately get onto the bonus, which is the highlight of the game. 

The bonus buy usually costs between 50 to 150 times your stake amount. This shows the average number of game rounds that it would take to activate the bonus in the traditional way. From this, it is obvious that buying bonuses is simply a shorter route to more entertainment.

Our favourite feature buy slots – Top list for December 2020.

1. Blueprint Gaming’s Rick and Morty Megaways.

2. Money Train from Relax Gaming

3. NextGen Gaming’s Extra Chilli Megaways

4. Nextgen Gaming – 300 Shields Extreme

5. Medusa Megaways by NextGen Gaming

6. Blueprint Gaming’s Genie Jackpots Megaways

7. Money Train 2 by Relax Gaming

8. Iron Dog Studio’s One Million Megaways BC

1. Rick and Morty Megaways Bonus Buy

This is a fan’s favourite. It has a 50,000x max win. Imagine hitting the feature buy button to spin the bonus reel on this machine. And as the wheel spins to decide which bonus round you will play and how many free spins you’re about to get, you fervently hope to get a 20.

Rick and Morty Megaways is one of the most popular feature buy slots, especially among fans of the show. It is a favourite because it is filled with humour, fantastic references, and incredible chances to win big. It also has some interesting slot features that make it very exciting to play. 

Rick and Morty Megaways Bonus Buy

One prominent feature of this slot is its cascading symbols, which means symbols that form a winning combination will collapse to give room for new symbols to show up. This allows new winning combinations to come together. 

There are three different bonus rounds in Rick and Morty Megaways:

  • Federation Wild Spins: a number of symbols or even several reels are transformed into wilds on each spin.
  • Pickle Rick Spins: This features a win multiplier boost and 100 added pickles that are converted into a random as they appear.
  • Vindicator Spins: Here, cash values land and stick randomly on the reels whenever a special symbol appears. You also get additional free spins when more new cash symbols show up. You are able to collect all the cash winnings in the end. You can also win more big cash prizes when you collect Vindicator symbols.

2. Money Train 2

Money Train is a 5×4 slot machine with a very fascinating and unique feature bonus. It comes with different kinds of special symbols that combine to create a mind-blowing payout potential. The payout potential can get so crazy that Relax Gaming placed a limit on the potential winnings so that the maximum winning is 20,000 times your stake. If this limit hadn’t been put in place, the machine would have to pay out outrageous amounts in winnings.

Money Train 2 bonus buy

You first get three free spins from the bonus. For every time you hit a symbol; it resets and also sticks to the reels. As you progress further into the bonus, it becomes harder to hit a new symbol because there will be less room for one. The values of some of the symbols are more than others. For instance,

  • Persistent collector: Every time you make a spin; this symbol retrieves all the cash prizes from the reels. The more bonus symbols you acquire, the more the odds of winning.
  • Bonus symbol: You will find this as the basic symbol in the bonus. It multiplies your cash prize by one to three times your stake.
  • Payer: The payer symbol boosts the cash prize multiplier of all the symbols on the wheel. It also increases the value of the persistent payer.
  • Persistent payer: This symbol boosts the cash prize multiplier of all bonus symbols on the wheel each time you spin. The combination of this and the collector is very lucrative.
  • Widener: This symbol expands the wheels from 5×4 to 6×4 or even 7×4 if you acquire two of them and this can be a lifesaver. It is nice to be able to increase the odds of you hitting more symbols on the wheels.
  • Collector: This symbol is similar to the persistent collector but collects only once, unlike the persistent collector which collects all the cash prizes from the reels on each spin.

3. Extra Chilli Megaways Feature Buy

This is probably the cheapest bonus buy slot.

Extra Chilli is a classic with cascading spins. It is a slot that will drive you nuts, and at the same time have you screaming in excitement. It is a slot with minimalistic design, yet it fills you with thrills and excitement and offers you impressive payout potential. This game no doubt deserves to be included on the list of feature buy slots.

You only pay 50x your bet to get the bonus, and this is one of the cheapest prices that you can purchase. You will get 8 free spins instantly. If you have the guts for it, you can take on a 50/50 wager to raise the number of spins to 16. Note that if the outcome is a miss, you will lose all and leave with nothing.

You can place the wager up to four times which would give you a potential total of 24 spins. Once you win the first wager, your chances of winning more spins increases from 50% to 60%. Also, you will have a few spins to fall back to if you lose a further wager.

extra chill slot bonus buy

Extra Chilli Megaways gamble setup is extremely overwhelming and not for the faint-hearted. It is a common scenario to have your balance reducing rapidly if you keep aiming for the maximum number of spins (24).

You might wonder if the risk is worth it. It is because you are getting an unlimited win multiplier. For every time you win a free spin; you get a +1 multiplier. This implies that the more spins you make, the more your chances of winning a higher multiplier, and the higher the multiplier, the more juicy the payout potential.

This is the reason why 24 spins are very popular. Wagering up to this amount is the best strategy to make winnings in the long run. It is an expensive strategy but if you can afford it, you can get a payout of more than 10,000x from a single hit when you get the right bonus with 24 spins.

4. 300 Shields Extreme Feature Buy

This slot has an incredible 300x multiplier. If this game fails to make you feel charged up, nothing else will. It is as intense and brutal as any slot game can possibly be.

300 Shields is a new adaptation of the popular classic from 2014, packed with the extra excitement of a bonus buy feature.

The aim of the bonus is to acquire shields ( represented by the scatter symbol) which will then unlock extra free spins with an increased win multiplier. This multiplier will be activated whenever a Spartan warrior (represented by the wild symbol) is part of a winning combination.

The bonus has four stages and each one comes with its own multiplier and can only be unlocked after a certain number of shields have been collected.

  • Stage 1: Zero shields required (2x multiplier)
  • Stage 2: Two shields required (5x multiplier with +5 additional spins)
  • Stage 3: Six shields required (25x multiplier with +5 additional spins)
  • Stage 4: 12 shields required (300x multiplier with +5 additional spins)

5. Medusa Megaways Bonus Buy

This game allows you to re-spin the entire bonus for free if you’re not satisfied. Developed by Nextgen Gaming, Medusa Megaways is another new adaptation of a classic slot. In addition to the bonus buy feature it comes with, it also works with Megaways instead of Paylines.

This slot bonus is filled with a lot of potentials. It has an unlimited win multiplier and random wilds which help to boost the odds of you selecting a winning combination.

If you don’t get what you expect from the bonus you buy, you can claim a refund and purchase another slot to get another bonus for free.

Medusa Megaways Bonus Buy

When the bonus has been exhausted and you have claimed your winnings, the charming Medusa will also introduce a bait feature. This is to tempt you to wager your winnings. You would be given three options:

  • Accept your winnings as they are
  • Double or nothing (with a 50/50 chance)
  • Quadruple or nothing (with a 1/4 chance)

This feature is a pleasant touch as a 100% RTP comes with it. Just keep in mind the consequences of a lost outcome as it can be very upsetting!

6. Genie Jackpots Megaways Bonus Buy

You wished for Riches, now you’ve got it!

This slot has been on the scene for two years already, yet it remains a prominent option for most casino lovers like myself. You will find many popular streamers who are after the next big win playing the Genie Jackpot Megaways.

The versatility of this slot is the most attractive thing above all its other appealing features. You are qualified to receive four varied features any time you purchase the bonus which costs 100x your bet. These four features are determined willy-nilly.

You are also awarded a random amount of spins because your bonus can either be played with 10, 12, 15, or 20. You get the possibility of re-activating free spins to get even more free spins in most features.

Genie Jackpots Megaways Bonus Buy

Below are the four bonus features you can receive:

  • Locking Wild: Each time you get a wild symbol on the reels, the wild symbol is locked into position and it will remain there through the entirety of the bonus feature. If in the course of the spins, you can fill an entire reel with wild symbols, you are offered the option of picking a lamp and this awards you a few extra free spins. This is by a mile, a great bonus.
  • Gene Streak: When a spin generates a winning combination, the winning symbols will be locked in place and a re-spin of the other symbols will take place. If a new symbol joins the winning combination or forms a new combination, the new ones will be locked in too and a third spin will be activated. You continue to re-spin until the entire screen is filled with winning symbols and if you can fill the whole screen, your reward is more free spins.
  • Mystery Wishes: Some mystery symbols will emerge on all spins. These mystery symbols will all change to an arbitrarily selected type of symbols and this could cover large expanses of the screen with a particular one.
  • Unlimited Multiplier: With this bonus, all spins increase a win multiplier by x1. This means that all your winning hits at the tenth spin will be ten times higher than what you had on the first spin. You can also trigger bonus spins here when you get two lamps.

7. Money Train 2 Bonus Buy

This game offers you twice the excitement.

It is the sequel of the very notable money train and you are bound to have yourself some fun with this if you happen to have enjoyed the first one. It possesses all the excellent features that made the first a favourite and tops it up with many new and exciting features. What’s more? The maximum payout on this slot sits at an enormous 50,000 times your stake!

One exciting new feature in the base game is a re-spin technique which is activated to put in an unlimited win multiplier until one gets a winning hit. This is elegant, let’s look at the extraordinary bonus features of this slot.

The bonus on this slot is similar to that of the first Money Train slot but there are six new bonus symbols that can appear above the five existing ones. The fun here is extreme! The old symbol referred to as ‘the widener’ does not exist on the new slot but reels can still be expanded to 6×4 and 7×4 which now occurs when you fill the entire reel with symbols.

money train 2 Bonus Buy
Money train 2

Similar to the workings of the first slot, the bonus grants you 3 free spins which resets to 3 each time you obtain any other symbol on the reels. Every symbol will be stuck to the reels thereby making it much harder to get new symbols as more and more stick to the reels. Symbols you can obtain include;

  • Golden bonus symbol (new symbol): this is the same as the bonus symbol but they differ in that the golden bonus symbol offers a higher cash prize multiplier of 20 – 200 times your original stake.
  • Bonus symbol (new value): This bonus symbol has a cash prize multiplier of 1 – 10 times your original stake (it only increased from 1 – 3 in the first game)
  • Persistent Sniper (new symbol): For each spin, the cash Prize Multiplier for 3 to 8 arbitrarily picked symbols are doubled. This particular feature promises to be crazy!
  • Collector/Payer (new symbol): first, this symbol gathers all cash prize multipliers on the reels and adds them to its own value, afterwards the final value is allotted to all symbols on the reels. We will describe it as a very lucrative symbol to obtain when you have already gathered a lot of symbols on the screen.
  • Sniper (new symbol): This is the same as the persistent sniper but it only doubles the cash prize multiplier of 3 -8 symbols once.
  • Reset Plus (new symbol): This symbol adds an extra spin to your free spin counter. Now instead of earning 3 spins on each reset, you earn 4 and you know how much that little extra is worth!
  • Necromancer (new symbol): The necromancer symbol returns a random number (2-7) of already used symbols like the payer, collector, collector/payer, and sniper. This can be extraordinarily good if you land it at the right time.
  • Persistent Payer (old symbol): The persistent payer symbol adds a cash prize multiplier to any other symbol on the screen.
  • Persistent collector (old symbol): The persistent collector gathers all cash prize multipliers on the screen and adds them to your winnings. It does this on every spin.
  • Collector (old symbol): This is the same as the persistent collector but the collection of cash prize multipliers on the screen only occurs once.
  • Payer (Old symbol): This is the same as the persistent payer but the addition of a cash prize multiplier to all symbols is only done once.

8. One Million Megaways BC Bonus Buy

This game offers a familiar bonus with unexpected twists.

When you come in contact with this excellent slot machine featuring 6 reels, 2 – 7 rows, and a cascading feature mechanic, you may think it is one you have encountered before now. You feel this way because several bonus buy slots feature similar designs including the well-loved Extra Chilli.

There is a unique aspect to the 1 Million Megaways BC which makes it worth a recommendation. You can choose to buy 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 free spins for a price of 50 – 270 times your stake.

The bonus it offers is a lot more than an unlimited multiplier – which is exciting on its own. This is how it works; every winning spin grants you an increased multiplier which gives every new win the potential of being more rewarding.

Besides the win multiplier, 1 Million Megaways BC offers a lot of other bonus features which makes it excessively fun. Those features are outlined below.

  • Locking Rows: This feature means that each time a reel hits 7 symbols, the reel will lock at 7 rows and display 7 symbols always. You also get an extra free spin and an extra free multiplier.
  • 1 Million Megaways: This extra “mammoth reel” offers the possibility of over 1 million megaways to appear, an upgrade to the 117,649 available in the base game.
  • Extra Reel: The extra reel bonus is played with an extra “mammoth reel” in the centre which has up to 9 rows on it. If 9 symbols appear on the reel, it will lock at 9 rows and award 5 additional free spins.
  • Sticky Wilds: Sticky wild comes into play immediately the “mammoth reels” are locked at 9 rows. At this point, the sticky wilds which substitute for other symbols and stay for the entire bonus can land on the locked “mammoth reels.” This makes the bonus a lot more lucrative than it already is.

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