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Online casino slot bonuses 2020 – all you need to know in one place

Slot games are an integral part of the casino experience, as the instant thrill they provide is unmatched by any other form of gambling. Their popularity has only increased in recent times, and on most online casino sites they account for a large percentage of available games. In fact, some websites specialize for slots and feature hundreds of differently themed titles that all rely on the same reel-spinning mechanic. Consequently, there are a lot of bonus offers that can be used to play slots for free and become familiar with this style of gaming without incurring too much risk. 

Since every casino website has a different bonus scheme, sometimes even experienced players can be confused regarding the particulars of each one. That’s why we tried to explain the general principles that most websites adhere to and provide a guideline for choosing the most deserving online slots provider based on the structure and size of their bonus offers.

Why do online casinos hand out slot bonuses?

The practice of liberally handing out free stuff is becoming standard in the online casino industry, and the largest amount of freebies is available for slots. The websites do this for promotional reasons, hoping to give new players a taste of the action so they can find the games they truly enjoy. In some cases, bonuses are given as rewards to most loyal players, or as a part of the effort to launch and popularize a new slots game. Players are getting used to royal treatment, so new websites practically have to shower them with bonuses in order to attract large membership. Because of all those reasons, slot bonuses are a permanent fixture of online gambling rather than a fad that might stop soon. If anything, there is a trend for bonus packages to become more and more valuable, although players often need to satisfy some conditions in order to maximize their gains.

Which types of slot bonuses exist?

Not all slot bonuses are the same and each type serves a slightly different purpose on online casino sites. Most importantly, there is a difference between cash bonuses and free spins – those two categories are used in completely different ways. Cash bonuses are typically applicable to all games on a particular website, so they can also be spent playing virtual slot machines. Basically, this type of bonus works just like a deposit, and players can freely spend it all at once, or gradually on any number of games. Conversely, free spins can only be used for slots, and in general are tied to a specific slot title that the website wants to promote. Another meaningful division concerns the condition to deposit money to qualify for the reward – some websites award small no deposit bonuses right after a new account is opened, while first deposit and second deposit bonuses are very common and usually equal 50% or 100% of the deposited amount, along with some free spins. Finally, there is a wide array of special promotions related to slots that can grant a variety of different perks, from in-game benefits to real-world gifts. That’s why you should pay good attention to the type of bonus that a certain website is giving and the conditions you have to meet in order to earn it.

How can bonus money be used?

Unfortunately, slots bonuses can’t be directly withdrawn to your bank account, even when they are in the form of free cash. The bonus represents an asset to play with rather than liquid funds, and can only be withdrawn after it has been wagered a certain amount of times. This is called ‘the wagering requirement’, and its value is an important factor to consider when you are trying to determine how attractive a bonus offer really is. In some cases, slots bonuses can only be used on individual games, and they are typically valid only for a limited time and expire if not used in this period. All casino bonuses are tied exclusively to the account they are awarded to and can’t be transferred to another player or a different website, traded for real-life items or sold for money.

Is it worth looking out for slots bonuses?

Bonus money comes very handy, regardless of your skills or level of involvement with slots games. It’s always beneficial to have a margin for error, and free credits create a cushion that allows you to keep playing even if luck is not on your side. However, some players go out of their way to collect free money, frequently changing providers and chasing each and every promotion they see. This is probably not the smartest way to play casino games, since switching between casinos too often prevents the player from fully understanding the rules and potentially puts him at risk. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with picking up a few extra spins from a website where you are already playing by paying attention to weekly promotions and similar opportunities.

How to decide where to play slot games?

Making the decision about the best casino site is a complex process that involves evaluating several important factors. Bonuses are certainly a big incentive to join a casino site, but you shouldn’t take the advertised figures literally without checking which conditions may apply. In some cases, you will have to invest a lot of money to claim all the free spins, so the true appeal of a bonus offer depends on your intended approach and available funds. Promise of a large slot bonus should never distract you from checking other important parameters, such as quality of software, the number of withdrawal methods, security standards, etc. A good casino website should be able to meet expectations in all of the aforementioned areas, so a strong bonus offer is just a cherry on the top. It is probably wise to create a shortlist of strong candidates, and then compare the offers directly so you can identify the slots provider that makes the most sense for you.