Buying Online Lottery Tickets In 2021

Buying an online Lottery tickets: I think it’s safe to say that pretty much all of us have dreamed of winning the lottery at least once or twice, right? Imagining what the first thing is we would buy if we had all that cash. Well, in order to win the lottery, you must first buy a ticket but usually when people think about buying a lottery ticket their first instinct is to go out of their way to the store, stand in line and buy one there.

That’s why the number of people going online to buy lottery tickets instead is forever growing at a rapid rate. Online there is no need to wait in a queue and it eliminates the risk of you losing the physical copy of your lottery ticket as it’s automatically scanned into your account, imagine losing a winning ticket, it would be devastating!

There are many reasons to why there are still some people who don’t buy tickets online and we’re here to debunk 3 of the most common myths we’ve heard and hopefully give you the reassurance you need to make the change and start buying online. 

Myth 1. You Don’t Have Any Variety When Buying Online

When buying lottery tickets online there are many options, including some of the most popular such as the Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash Five. When buying tickets online there are also other great benefits. You can find online discount codes, choose lottery subscriptions so you don’t have to worry about going out regularly to keep purchasing a ticket and even buy multi-draw bundles which can be purchased at a discounted price! 

Buying online is already starting to sound quite good, isn’t it?

Myth 2. You Can Easily Lose / Forget About Online Tickets

We’ve all heard a story of a person who’s lost a lottery ticket or even forget they bought one, leading to that horrible thought “what if the ticket I lost was a big winner?”. Sometimes buying a lottery ticket can be an impulsive action which can result in shoving it in your purse or wallet and in days or weeks later forgetting it ever existed! 

Well, with online purchasing this doesn’t happen. Your ticket is safely secured in your online account, so you won’t lose it. You’ll also get reminders that it’s in your account and it will stay there until you claim it, so there are no worries of forgetting it’s there either.

Myth 3. Buying Online Lottery Tickets Isn’t Secure

This is one myth that surprises me as online lottery tickets are very secure, especially when comparing them to physical copies. As we’ve mentioned previously, physical copies of lottery tickets can be lost and stolen, I’ve even washed my trousers with a lottery ticket in my back pocket which resulted in a very soggy and destroyed ticket!

When it comes to buying your lottery ticket online there is a paper copy of every ticket locked up in a vault, how many people buy tickets and save them securely in a vault? Not many. 

On top of this you will have online access to the ticket which comes with legal documentation, proving your right of ownership so both the paper copy and online copy are completely secure and safe.

Ready To Purchase Online?

Now we’ve debunked these common myths it should be quite clear how quick, secure and convenient is it to buy tickets online! Get started and sign up to one of the many lottery sites we work with for exclusive bonus’ and discounts. You never know, you could be the next big winner! 

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