Puntt Esports Review – CSGO Player Betting

Puntt Esports review – CSGO player betting – we explain to you why Puntt.gg is the next big thing!

Esports betting is going mainstream

Puntt esports review : Over the past several years, e-sports competitions have tremendously grown in prominence, to the point where several games have acquired a status of global phenomena, drawing millions of fans who follow the matches and watch live streams online.

It is no surprise that we are now seeing an emergence of betting sites dedicated exclusively to this type of content. Puntt is one of the best esports betting sites currently in operation, and all signs are pointing towards its further growth. 

For players who haven’t tried betting in this manner, here is an overview of essential qualities that make Puntt a hot commodity right now:

Plenty of options for CSGO betting

In this Puntt esports review we explain why Puntt is focused on professional play in the CounterStrike: Global Offensive category, and follows all the major CSGO tournaments. Rather than attempting to include all e-sports disciplines, the website chose depth of coverage and narrow specialisation, as it caters only to customers based in the UK.

Players have access to a range of matches for betting, with the list updated dynamically as the start of the match draws closer. In practice, this means a dedicated bettor can always find a few attractive options. In each match, bettors can try to guess the overall winner or a wide variety of other parameters, including the maximum number of kills and highest accuracy.

Esports Tote Betting Explained

Novelties don’t stop at choice of betting markets at Puntt – Puntt.gg website also adopted a very creative way to increase the excitement factor. Pool betting (or tote betting, as it is commonly called) is a unique feature that essentially lets bettors compete against each other rather than against the provider. In this mode of play, all the money wagered on a single match is held in a common pool, and distributed to winners based on the value of their original bet. Many observers say that pool betting offers a better chance for a large pay out and eliminates the possibility that the provider might make a huge profit on the expense of its players.

What is Esports Tote Betting?

Puntt are the first to introduce player betting to esports. They can offer markets that you wonʼt find anywhere else and due to the nature of pool-betting, we can offer potentially massive odds!

punt esports betting explained

Puntt Esports a company with ethical policies

Puntt currently is only open to the UK market, Puntt esports is locally owned and locally registered with a head office in Liverpool. The company holds an official licence issued by the UK Gambling Commission in 2019, and continues to adhere to strict guidelines of conduct regarding fair gaming policies. In order to play, bettors need to go through an application process and prove they are of legal age. Most importantly, Puntt remains a part of the wider e-sports community and generously gives back a portion of its earnings to gaming tournaments and competitive teams.

Why Puntt deserves a chance to impress you?

In an industry where most competitors look like carbon copies of each other, Puntt manages to shake the cobwebs and deliver some fresh air. Not only it introduces a new betting option, but the entire product feels different than the average betting site. Here are some of the key strengths to remember:

  • Registered in the United Kingdom and serving only UK players
  • Deep coverage of professional CSGO tournaments
  • Unique opportunity to participate in pool (tote) betting
  • Fair treatment of players and the e-sports community at large
  • Simple and user-friendly interface design

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