How Do I Make Money Betting eSports?

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How to Bet on eSports Games and Make Money

eSports Betting: With the rapid rise of eSports gambling in the gaming industry, 2020 is set to witness bets valued at about $13 billion being placed on gaming competitions around the world.

No doubt, there is big money in Sports betting. And people are making small fortunes just by playing the odds. Most people often take to betting when it comes to a big event or a game involving their favorite team, while for others, betting is a part of their everyday lives through which they make an income. eSports betting, just like with betting in snooker or football, can be a source of income, if you adopt the right strategy.

how to make money betting esports

Risk vs. Reward in eSports Betting

eSports betting can be risky, yet rewarding, just like trading stocks. And that’s why most people play the game; pitching the risk against the reward. Placing a bet is a risk, but it’s a risk that can be softened. Placing blind wagers on long odds is not a sustainable way of making money and it’s not something a professional gambler would do. 

Professional gamblers are strategic in their thinking. They analyse opportunities before placing bets that offer better rewards when measured against the risk. They are never 100% sure of winning, but they always strive to be on the side of the winning team. The key to making money through eSports betting is to adopt the same tactics used by professional gamblers. Here are some of those tactics:

Watch and Learn

Before you go fully into eSports betting, try and take a step back to observe, watch, and learn. Watch eSports competitions so you can understand the games and how things work. Get a deep understanding of everything about the gamer lifestyle, how factors like crowd and location can affect performance, and so on. To make money on eSports betting, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the system. Ardent followers of eSports betting belong to this group. They have so much knowledge about the games that they can be commentators themselves. This is the level of expertise you need to aim for. 

Do your Research

Teams or individual players determine the success or failure of your bets. They usually have to contest against other teams and players. A keen knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of all the parties involved in a game will give you an idea of how the game will play out. If you pick a great team or player to always place your eSports bet on, then you’re making a mistake because your strategy will not always work, especially when they face a team that can exploit their weaknesses. You can only boost your chances of winning when you have an overall view of eSports and place your bets in a way that is free of bias based on your knowledge of the teams and players.

Monitor Current eSports Events

eSports is dynamic with a lot of changes happening. There is a constant stream of new teams joining the rankings, teams splitting up, team and player rivalries forming, and so on. If you want to be successful in your eSports bets, you need to be aware of changes to the current situation. Some of the mistakes you can make here are getting caught unawares when a new player joins the tournament, betting on a team thinking you know their strengths only to discover that half their squad has been replaced. This will only upset your strategy. When it comes to the eSports betting circuit and winning money, knowledge is important. Have in-depth knowledge, and you’ll be ready for any changes that come up.

Pick Your eSports Games Wisely

eSports features more than 100 games and thousands of tournaments. Attempting to be an expert better across all the games is akin to wanting to be an expert in every sport. It is not possible. The right approach is to sharpen your skills and concentrate on a few games. Know everything about these games; especially their leagues and their tournaments. Ensure that the games you choose are active games with loads of prize money at stake. 

Be Realistic

Long odds with fantastic rewards can appear very tempting, but the professionals don’t consider these kinds of bets. Even if you feel strongly that the bet might come good, you need to realise that the long odds are there for a reason. Unless there’s a really huge reason why you want to take a big risk like that, you shouldn’t do it. Placing realistic bets is the best means of making money through eSports betting. You might not get the highest winnings, but your winnings will be stable and safe.

What is the Best eSports Game for Making Money?

The best eSports games for betting are the ones with ardent followings that organise regular tournaments with a steady group of players or teams that you can study. So, this excludes new games, small games, and games where the roster of the top team is constantly changing. 

Four games meet the criteria of great eSports betting opportunities. These games have a massive following, and they’ve been around for a long time. Also, they have regular players and teams going back to tournaments and leagues you can study to become an expert. These are:

If you specialise in any of these games, then you can be successful at eSports betting. The number one strategy for winning in eSports betting is to be the bastion of knowledge of a specific game. Don’t be a jack of all trades. Specialise in one and own it.

Fortnite: A Wild Card

This is a fairly new game compared to the other games on the list, but with a vast array of big-money tournaments connected to it. Also, it has a considerably younger player base. However, it is becoming increasingly well-known. So, even though you might not be able to wager all your bets on Fortnite just yet, it is one game you might want to observe, follow, learn about, and ultimately start making money from sooner or later.

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