How Do I Know I Am Safe When Playing Online?

One thing that worries a lot of users when playing online is whether the site you are playing on is safe. There are quite a few ways you can tell whether an online gambling site is legit and safe to play on, whether for poker, casino, sports, or lottery.

Here are the top 5 ways to tell:

Check For a Valid License

One of the best ways to tell whether online gambling site is genuine is to check if they have licenses. Genuine online gambling sites will have licenses from well-known and respected regulators like the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Finding these details shouldn’t be so hard as most online gambling sites will have them in the footer section, which you can find at the bottom of their websites. Log in to the account you would like to check the legitimacy of, scroll to the bottom of the page where the footer section is and look for “licensing information.”

Once you have found this section, you’ll need to find the license number. Usually, when you find the license number, part of the information provided will be hyperlinked, so when you click on it, it will bring you to the official regulator’s website. Once this happens, you’ll know the site you’re playing on is entirely legit.

Suppose you have followed these steps and you still cannot find any licensing information anywhere. In that case, this could indicate this is a scam, and you should consider closing your account. However, there is a possibility this is a legitimate website, but the lack of a license means you’re not guaranteed safety.

Read Reviews About the Online Gambling Site

Reading reviews is a highly straightforward and trustworthy way to check whether an online gambling site is legit. When you search for a review on your selected site, you’ll find hundreds of reviews about the operator. These reviews will typically tell you whether the site has a valid license, secure payment methods, secure withdrawal methods, etc.

Some online gambling sites such as ours (Onlinegamblinghub.com) only publish reviews about safe online gaming sites, so it makes your life a lot easier. You don’t need to worry about the authenticity of a website as we’ve already done the handwork and found it out for you.

As well as finding websites such as ours that only publish reviews about legitimate websites, some write reviews targeting the blacklisted and untrustworthy gambling sites. If you find the gambling site you use on a review like this, we advise that you consider closing your account immediately.

Test Contact Channels

Another simple way to see whether an online gambling site is legit is to try to contact them. By standard practice, every online gaming site should have their email address, phone number, online support channels, and social media channels accessible on their site.

You can use any of these methods to contact the site. Typically, if their response is helpful and you hear back quickly, that is an excellent sign. If they take ages to respond, don’t respond, or are very unhelpful, then perhaps it is best to use another site.

To find these contact details is relatively straightforward. There should be a section labelled on the website you used labelled “contact us,” which is usually located in the website’s footer.

Check The Software Provider

Many players have different tastes for online gambling types, whether that be you like roulette, casino games, sports betting, lottery, etc. Regardless, you should take into account whether they come from a safe and reliable software provider. Here are some of the trusted software providers you should look out for:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Play’n GO
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Big Time Gaming

These software providers mentioned above supply games to pretty much all the top-rated online gambling sites out there. You can trust them because they’re experienced, trustworthy, and have hundreds of well-known gambling games available.

That doesn’t mean that it’s only the large and well-known software providers you can trust. There are smaller ones out there who are trustworthy too, but that’s beside the point. The main thing is to understand that it is always safer to use online gambling sites that well-known software providers work with.

Look for Security Measures

We repeatedly hear to always look for a padlock sign if you don’t know whether the site you’re on is safe or not. If in doubt, always look for the padlock sign as this proves that the online gambling site uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect your data

In addition to SSL encryption, some online gambling sites also let you create unique login details for your account, and this usually includes an email address and password as standard. Some sites take it a step further and let you register your mobile number or create a security question for Two-Factor Authentication.

Is Online Gambling Legal?

The answer to this question can be complicated and differs from person to person, and this is for the simple reason that online gambling laws vary depending on where you live in the world. In very rare cases, it will be illegal to use an online gambling site, but these laws are usually for people who operate the sites rather than the people who use them.

Typically, when a user tries to use an online gambling site restricted in their country, the user will be denied access to the website and greeted with a message informing them that the website does not operate in the country they’re located in.

Some online gambling sites differ in which countries they can operate in, dependent on their licenses, so if you are denied access to one site, it may be worth doing some research to see what other sites are available.

On trusted websites such as Onlinegamblinghub.com, we make things easier as each of the deals listed on our website will have a section labelled “restricted countries,” so if your country is not on this list, you should be good to play.

Regardless of this, it is still good to ensure your country can use a particular site. We always recommend looking online to check your countries online gambling laws.

What Type Of Online Gambling Is Best?

There are various gambling types to choose from when choosing to gamble online, but none of these are better than the other as it’s all a matter of personal preference. It depends on which gambling game type you enjoy playing the most or gives you the best value for money – some people like sports betting, while others like the lottery. Casino is also another top-rated option, as well as poker.

If you don’t know which game type is for you, we recommend you give them all a try and decide based on your experience.

Some of our offers give you some lucrative welcome bonuses, allowing you to play as much as you can for as little as possible. This way, you can play more, helping you see which gambling type is for you. We also provide reviews on each site, giving you all the tools you need to decide where is best for you to play.

You can check out these offers here:

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We have a sister website with all of our reviews and offers for poker, and you can check them out on www.universal-poker.com.

What Is A Sign Up Bonus?

A signup bonus is additional funds you are given to your account when you join a gambling site. Typically, the player will receive these when they make their first deposit. For example, they might offer “Bet £10, and we’ll give you an extra £10 for free” on a sports betting site.

Signup bonuses aren’t always related to funds. Some casinos give you free spins, some lottery sites give you free tickets, etc.

The main reason sites use signup bonuses is to attract new customers. They can also offer lots of additional rewards and loyalty bonuses too. You can read here to find out more about why they do this.

Why Do Online Gambling Sites Give Bonuses Away?

It’s natural to be curious why gambling sites give away free money to all of their customers. After all, it can sometimes seem too good to be true. But actually, there is a straightforward reason why gambling sites have so many lucrative bonuses and extra value, and it’s because they want you as a customer!

Because of the popularity of online gambling, there are endless options when choosing where to play online, which means the market is hugely competitive. Sites need to try to stand out if they want to successfully attract new customers and keep existing ones, one of the main reasons sites offer these lucrative signup bonuses.

There are many different methods online gambling sites use to attract new customers to signup with them. Many of these sites spend a large amount of money on advertising, particularly in countries where online gambling is legal. They can do this by advertising online, sponsoring sports teams and events, and pretty much anything that gets them exposure.

The signup bonuses and regular rewards that online gambling sites offer are just other forms of advertising, and it makes perfect sense. Online gambling sites will spend a lot of their money to provide lucrative signup bonuses and rewards. In return, they get plenty of new customers, who stay playing on their site, spending their money resulting in an earning for the gambling site making their advertisement a financial success.

To summarise, the online gambling sites share their wealth back to the community to incentivize them to signup and stay playing.

How old do you need to gamble online?

Most countries require players to be a minimum of 18 years old to gamble online. In the US, the minimum age is 21 years old. All sites will specify what age you need to be to create an account, and on most of these sites, you will need to verify your age to deposit funds to play.

How Do I Know Online Gambling Is Fair?

All reputable online gambling sites that undergo the necessary licensing process and hold certification are much more trusted to provide fair and safe gaming. All sites that go through this licensing and certification process will have to undergo random number generation testing to ensure they are on par with all industry standards.

Sites with the proper certification and licensing will have this publicly posted on the website. We would recommend looking in the footer of their website for this, and it should be labeled “system fairness,” “game fairness,” or will be in the “about us.” section. Alternatively, suppose you cannot find it in the footer of their website. In that case, we recommend you contact the site directly on one oftheir contact methods available and ask them what certification or licenses they have.

Can I register with more than one online casino, online sportsbook, or online lottery site?

Yes, you can use as many different providers as you like, providing they are available in your country and meet your needs for banking and gaming options.

Why do online gambling sites ask for my personal information?

The majority of online gambling sites will require some personal information to comply with their licensing requirements. They need this to confirm you’re of legal age, in a jurisdiction that allows you to use their service, and to make sure that your financial information matches the information you’ve provided.

Although it may seem like they’re doing this to try to make life difficult for you, this is needed to meet anti-6oney laundering practices and gaming legislation. It’s in the players’ best interest.

What is a loyalty club?

Online gambling sites sometimes have loyalty clubs which is a way they incentivize players to keep playing by providing them rewards. Using a sportsbook as an example, the amount of each bet made by a player will convert to a point system. Players can level up in this points system by accumulating more points (which is done by betting). This way, players are rewarded for the more they play, incentivizing them to play even more.

This same practice works for online casinos and online lottery. For online casinos, you can accumulate points dependent on how much you use to play, and for online lottery, how much you spend on tickets.

In these points systems, players can receive perks such as gifts, bonuses and, in some cases, can convert their points to cash. The higher the points, the better the rewards. High rollers who accumulate the most points in these loyalty clubs can achieve VIP status if the site has this as an option. VIP status can provide many different benefits, such as access to top-end support, a personal account manager, and high-end gifts such as jewelry, electronics, and trips.