Who will win the 2021 Super Bowl?

The NFL unanimously voted at the spring meeting in Chicago to move Super Bowl LV, which will take place in February 2021, from Los Angeles to Tampa, Florida.

Who will win the 2021 Super Bowl? 

In a year filled with one supernatural disaster after another, a global pandemic, and the Jaguars bottoming out once again, we finally can say those three magic words again. Football is back (for now)!!! Even with no fans in the stands to start out the season, it will be a welcome sight to see America’s real pastime back – So who will win the 2021 Super Bowl?

It also means people can go back to talking about what’s important in life, who’s going to win the Super Bowl this season? In a world filled with even more unpredictability, the underlining theme of this NFL season is going to be continuity. Teams that have been together over the last few seasons are going to be at an advantage over teams that have multiple new additions. 

Not to say players in new cities can’t make a run, looking at you Tom Brady, but players that have been in the same system for a few years don’t need as much practice as someone going to a new team, learning a new playbook, and just learning how your teammates react on the field.  

With all that being said, let’s take a look at the Super Bowl contenders for the 2020 NFL season! 

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS – Super Bowl Odds 6/1  

Kansas City Super Bowl winner 2021

Let’s start off with the most logical Super Bowl contender, the defending champs! As long as Patrick Mahomes is playing quarterback for the Chiefs, they will always be contenders. Never mind the fact that they drafted the most versatile running back in college football last year, Clyde Edwards-Helaire. Because that’s what Andy Reid needed, a new toy for the offense.  

The defense also came along strong for Kansas City by the end of the year. The team ranked top 10 in both scoring defense and passing. With monsters like Frank Clark and Chris Jones on the defensive line, opposing QB’s were running for their lives against the Chiefs in 2019.  

Outside of injuries, there shouldn’t be many obstacles in the Chief’s’ way this season. No one in the AFC West outside of Kansas City go significantly better in the off season. Sure, the Broncos added Melvin Gordon and stud Alabama receiver Jerry Jeudy, but quarterback Drew Lock hasn’t shown any sign that he is a viable starting man for Denver. The Raiders had a nice run last year at 7-9 and they too added an Alabama receiver in Henry Ruggs III, but do you really trust Derrick Carr to lead a team to the playoffs?  

BALTIMORE RAVENS – Super Bowl Odds 7/1 

Baltimore ravens Super Bowl winner 2021

The Ravens might be the biggest bump in the road for the defending Super Bowl champions. With a roster that includes Lamar Jackson and a dominant defense, that’s all you really need to make the playoffs in the AFC.  

What’s scary is that the Ravens offense could even be better than last season. Lamar Jackson probably won’t run for 1,200 yards again this season, but if he develops more as a passer, he won’t need to. Marquise Brown will look to build on a nice rookie season. The second-year receiver was hurt throughout the year, but when he was on he looked like the best deep threat in the league. Combine that with Mark Andrews blossoming into the next great tight end, and you have the makings of another great passing year for Lamar Jackson 

Don’t sleep on Mark Ingram either. The veteran had over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns last season! He also made quite a few plays in the passing game. Ingram was a crucial part of the offense and will look to stay that way this season.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS – Super Bowl Odds 14/1  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl winner 2021

After almost two decades in New England, Tom Brady has a new home in Tampa. At age 43, it’s unclear what the G.O.A.T. still has left in the tank. What is clear is that this will be the best receiving group he’s had in his hall of fame career. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Scotty Miller, O.J. Howard, and whatever is left of Gronk makes for a really fun group of pass catchers. The offensive line for Tampa is also really good, and it’s going to need to be great next season to keep Brady from being hit.  

Don’t discount the rushing attack for the Buccaneers. The team signed former Jaguar running back Leonard Fornette after being released by Jacksonville. It might not seem like a sexy signing, but in an improved situation, Fornette could be really dangerous. He was top five in the NFL in facing 8-man boxes, which isn’t surprising considering the lack of talent in Jacksonville. In Tampa, his situation should be a lot better. Plus, the two headed running back duo of Leonard and Ronald Jones II looks way more appealing.  

The Tampa defense should look much better in 2020 as well. The advanced stats actually loved the Bucs, but with Jameis throwing a million picks and putting the Tampa defense on the field for extra possessions, the numbers looked worse than they actually were. I expect Tampa to have a top 10 unit this season, and competing with the Saints for the division title. So can Tampa win the 2021 Super Bowl?

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Super Bowl Odds 12/1  

New Orleans saints Super Bowl winner 2021

Speaking of the Saints, they know a thing or two about continuity. Brees, Michael Thomas, and Alvin Kamara look to pick up where they left off in 2019. Even though Drew Brees had a down year for him last season, expect him to bounce back in a big way. With the addition of Emmanuel Sanders, Brees will have yet another weapon to throw to in the passing game. It also helps having statistically the best receiver in the game, Michael Thomas. With duct tape for hands, Thomas will catch anything as long as you put it in the same area code.  

After battling injuries last season, Alvin Kamara will look to get back into his top five form. If you took him in fantasy last season like I did, you might still hold a little bit of a grudge against the former Tennessee back. Kamara has proven that he has what it takes to be one of the best backs in the league, and if he has a good season, the Saints will be one of the scariest offenses in the NFC. 

The Saints defense was one of the big surprises in 2020, ranking top five against the run. With Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater, and Matt Ryan starting at QB, the New Orleans pass defense will need to improve this year if the Saints hope to repeat as divisional winners. It would also be nice for New Orleans if anyone besides Cameron Jordan could generate a pass rush. This man had 15.5 sacks last year!! The next closes man on that list is Marcus Davenport with 6. If Davenport can improve, or someone else on that Saint’s defense can step up, watch out for the New Orleans’s pass rush in 2020. So can Saints win the 2021 Super Bowl?

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – Super Bowl Odds 20/1 

seattle Seahawks Super Bowl winner 2021

The Seahawks used to be the model of continuity, now the only two studs left from those old Seattle teams are Russell Wilson and Pete Carol. However, that might be all you need in 2020. Wilson is still the craftiest QB in the league, it also helps that he has Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalf, who I’m pretty sure is an alien. Combine that with Chris Carson and you have the makings of a really good offense.  

If the Seahawks want to make another deep run in the playoffs, the defense needs to improve. A unit that ranked in the bottom ten in passing yards an rushing yards, Seattle just has to get better. Rasheem Green led the way in sacks for the Seahawks with 4…that’s right, 4. Clowney is gone, but he didn’t make a lot of difference on that d-line.  

Oh, by the way, the Seahawks are playing in the best division in football. The NFC West could realistically get three teams in the playoffs this season depending on the Rams and the Cardinals. The road isn’t easy for Seattle, but they have the best QB in the division, and that always helps. So can Seattle win the 2021 Super Bowl?

The most important part of this season is just playing. In a time filled with uncertainty, it’s nice to know that at least football is back. For how long? Who knows, we could play week 1 and have another outbreak and the season is in the toilet. I’m choosing to not think like that, because why be negative when you could be positive? 

With football brings a little bit more normalcy in the world, like arguing with your friends about Super Bowl contenders and your fantasy football team. It’s good to have you back football, please stick around for the whole season!

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