Footstock Review – Scam or Legit?

Footstock Review – All your Footstock questions answered!

Footstock Review 2021 – Fantasy Football Meets Wall Street

Footstock review 2021 – we answer the main question Is Footstock a scam? Its right that you may me wary of a new brand and its good that you’ve come to read this review, we are happy to say that Footstock is the real deal, If you are looking to make money trading football cards then you are in the right place! After a very successful crowdfunding campaign Footstock was able to have a very successful launch and is receiving back now from major partners.


Footstock Review 100% Honest

Many gaming and entertainment apps capitalise on the sometimes fanatical sports fandom, so this market is extremely competitive in a way that drives innovation. These days, nobody gets too excited about another Online bookie or fantasy sports platform – there are too many of them out there to keep track. To make noise in the current market, it is imperative to re-imagine the possibilities and create a new blend out of elements that don’t traditionally go together.

From time to time, a new online service appears that shakes up the dust and gets everyone’s attention, and Footstock looks like the latest candidate. The creators of this unique app decided that it’s OK to break old rules if you can create something that earns the approval of the modern consumer, and it seems they might have been right.

footstock review

Why Footstock is a breath of fresh air in a stale market?

This app refuses to fall in line with expectations for any particular online gaming category. It draws inspiration from card trading games, but applies this concept to online sports in a way not seen before.

Users can own and trade virtual player cards featuring popular football players from the Premier League, but they can also use them to win real money.

This can be done by participating in virtual tournaments, so it represents a way to interact with the community of fans and celebrate the love of sports. Add a casino-style feature that grants additional cards, and you have a potent blend of entertainment that appeals to casual soccer fans and hard core team followers alike, if you know your youth players on Footstock and have a good eye for emerging talent then there could be money to be made. but please gamble responsibly.

Getting started on Footstock

one thing to take from this Footstock review is building a collection of players! Building a collection of top players on Footstock takes some time and effort, but it plays right into the greatest passion of sports aficionados.

The cards are initially obtained by making a purchase like in any other collectible card game or even like Fifa when trying to build an “ultimate” Team, with card packs containing between five and 10 cards.

Each card features a single Premier League player from one of five quality tiers (basic, common, rare, epic, and legendary) but their value is directly tied to the real-life performance of the card and changes over time.

This adds an extra dimension to the card trading element, since it is possible to obtain undervalued cards cheaply and then see their value rise as the player breaks through. In other words, football knowledge matters in this game in a way that’s both highly gratifying and potentially profitable.

latest Footstock packs

The competitive side of Footstock

It’s fun to have a large digital collection of Premier League players, but Footstock goes a step beyond and offers its users the chance to showcase their squads and participate in fantasy tournaments. The tournaments are structured so that players are evenly matched based on their skill, making sure that beginners can earn their stripes without being preyed upon.

Depending on the type of the tournament, the players use 3, 5, or 11 of their cards to field a competitive team and square off against other players using a detailed 27-item scoring system. Again, real-life statistics determine which team wins the matchup and advances. To add extra spice to the thrill of competition, tournament winners take home valuable cash prizes as a reward for their performance.

footstock tournaments

Footstock Roulette Tips

Just when you think the mix couldn’t get any wilder, you discover that Footstock also has a roulette-style feature that lets users engage in RNG-driven head-to-head duels. Each player picks one card, and random stats from the cards indicate the winner who gets to keep both of the cards.

This is a risky way to gain new cards as it depends almost purely on luck, but the introduction of a casino feature to the fantasy-driven app is truly unique on the market. Of course, players can manage the amount of risk they are exposed to by using cards with lower value, but in this way they might also reduce the chances of winning as better players tend to have better stats.

In this mode, the outcome is calculated nearly instantly, so it’s also a good way to play around with the card collection for those who don’t have enough time to compete in tournaments. 

make money with Footstock
Current rootstock market January 18th 2021

Footstock Questions Answered. 

Do I need to deposit to play footstock? 

  • No. You’ll get 50 bonus players and £10 in tournament credit without needing to deposit. You’ll get an extra £10 in tournament credit if you make a deposit within the first 7 days of signing up though. 

Is the a commission taken on Footstock market trading? 

  • No. All market trading on Footstock is commission-free. 

Are Footstock fantasy tournaments rake free? 

  • Yes! 100% of entry fees contribute towards the final prize pot. We also host plenty of free-to-enter tournaments with great prize money. 

Would I lose one of my players if I enter them in Footstock fantasy tournament? 

  • No. Once you own a player, you can enter that player into an unlimited number of fantasy tournaments until either: you sell them, you lose them in a Roulette game or the player stops playing in the Premier League. 

Do I get a referral for all my friends I ask to join Footstock? 

  • Yes. Head over to the main lobby and click the menu in the top left corner. You’ll find your unique referral link when you click “tell-a-friend” from the menu’s drop down options. 

How the financial side of Footstock works

As we discussed previously in this Footstock review, Footstock users can spend and earn real money in multiple ways. To facilitate financial transactions including deposits and withdrawals, the app supports several transfer methods. Standard wire transfers are perhaps the simplest way to transfer money, but in some cases it could be favourable to use the MuchBetter online service. 

For now, credit card transfers are not possible although this might change in the future. Transfers can be made at any moment, so users can always get additional funds to engage in all game features or pick up their winnings promptly. The app is still new and there are no reports how the financials function in practice, but since it operates with legal registration there is no reason to fear any misconduct.

Do you need to try Footstock?

In Short YES – its highly recommend that you join – which is FREE by the way – once you sign up you will be given free packs to open and you can make your decision from there – we do recommend setting a daily or monthly deposit limit, as we know with card trading games and building up your premier league portfolio is very addictive – trust me Fifa gets me every season! 

Footstock Tips for New players.

We recommend starting slowly, give yourself a clear goal – Do I want to make money playing Footstock? if the answer is yes then be smart, watch the games, look who is going to break through from youth teams, stock up on these players and be prepared to hold on to them for a year – Buying 50/100 youth players at £1 and holding on to them for 2 years could see you make literally 1000s of pounds – this is the long haul game of stocks – don’t look for quick wins. 

I would also recommend staying away from single player roulette, you can get lucky risking a £3 player and bagging a £200+ player but this is highly unlikely – don’t risk your players on roulette you need a large portfolio of players to get you far in tournaments – this for us is where the fun comes in, for a £5 entry you can win yourself between £700/£1000 every week. for slightly more around £20 entries you are looking at £2000+ 

Be smart, don’t gamble and you will go far!  if you are looking for other articles similar then click here


  • Unique blend of different gaming styles, including collectible card games, fantasy football, and casino play
  • The outcomes are mostly based on real Premier League games
  • Value of the each card is dynamic, which rewards football knowledge
  • Users can interact with other sports fans and compete against them
  • It is possible to win real money by card trading and in tournaments

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